Teaching Here

What's it like to live here?

As an integrated part of a thriving community, where Southern hospitality is a way of life, many corps members choose to live in or very close to the community where they teach, which may be the city of Greenville or one of the many rural areas across the Northeastern part of the state.

Living in the same town as their students allows corps members to engage with families outside of school through involvements in local Freedom Schools, coaching sports teams, or by offering off-campus tutoring. As a rural region only an hour or two drive away from the larger cities of the Triangle, ENC offers the best of both worlds. Our corps members have the tight knit community of a rural region with easy access to the amenities of the more urban Raleigh and Durham. 

During their downtime, corps members enjoy hiking, camping, or rock climbing in the numerous state parks throughout the region, fishing or boating on Lake Gaston, visiting the many cultural and historical destinations, cheering on the Durham Bulls, traveling to the nearby Outer Banks, and of course, eating the local delicacies.

Where do corps members teach?

Today, about 160 corps members teach at every grade level, and nearly 900 alumni are recognized leaders and innovators across a variety of sectors in the region.

With corps members and alumni working in clusters at over 12 counties, you’ll be able to build strong relationships with each other and with other teachers as you work together to expand equity and educational excellence.

Your Teaching Experience Starts With Summer Residency


What You Need to Know


Average starting salary is $35,000.




Two or three years

Becoming Certified to Teach

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  • Is it possible to complete a master's degree at the end of the two years?
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Certification Options

Certification can be obtained in one year through our partner university. There are three options for certification:

  • One year licensure coursework through East Carolina University
  • Teach for three years in placement district and earn NC license

Certification Requirements

Corps members must pass subject-specific exams before entering the classroom. Teach For America teachers in North Carolina who teach for three years and are in good standing with Teach For America receive their permanent license. For corps members who are unsure if they will teach for three years, permanent licensure can be obtained by completing an online program with our university partner, East Carolina University (ECU), for approximately $832.

At this time, it is not possible to complete a master’s degree at the end of the two years. East Carolina University offers master’s degree options for corps members, but they begin the summer after your second year of teaching.


East Carolina University

Placement School Locations

Neighborhood Highlight

Subjects And Grade Levels

  • Elementary (K-6)
  • Secondary English Language Arts 
  • Secondary Math
  • Secondary Science
  • Secondary Social Studies
  • Secondary Spanish
  • Special Education

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